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Avalanche is a Seattle-based start-up developing fusion microreactors for clean, energy-dense power generation at a scale you can hold in your hands.

Our unique approach allows us to build, test, break, learn and iterate on reactors in days to weeks. The modular design is designed to provide power to applications from austere environments to deep sea vehicles and maritime transport to lunar power.

We know we have an incredibly ambitious mission, and that it requires a wide combination of skills, attitude, and grit to make it happen. If you have a passion for abundant energy, and how we can improve life with it, we want to have a chat with you.

Avalanche Employee

Avalanche Benefits

Besides working on one of the most sci-fi projects on the planet, with a bad-ass team of doers who love what they do, we provide the following tangible benefits.

Stock Options
We are embarking on an unrealistically ambitious project that will change the course of life on earth. We are all owners; success will be shared.
Paid Time Off
A successful company requires rested, enthusiastic and energetic employees. We offer excellent paid time off for you to take care of yourself so we all succeed.
Flexible Schedule
Our job is to build and test fusion devices, not warm seats. We will work with you on a schedule that fits all of us.
Competitive Salary
We are a start-up with constraints, but we take care of our people.
Health Insurance
We need a healthy team. We provide 100% employer paid health, dental and vision insurance premiums, with one of the best plans available.
Team Offsites
A couple times a year we head somewhere new and do something fun to change our paradigm.
Brian Riordan showing the Orbitron

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Avalanche might be fit for you if: You are self-motivated, energized by problem solving and working closely with hardware. You thrive in an atmosphere of development, and you are an ardent learner who’s always looking for ways to grow and improve.

You enjoy hands-on, creative collaboration with a small, tight-knit team you can work with, laugh with, and learn with on a wide variety of topics.

You can learn and pivot between priorities when necessary and you can slide the headphones on, focus, and auger deep into a single topic as needed.

Fusion Microreactor Space Application

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