Our Fusion Microreactor– The Orbitron

We are developing a 1-100kWe fusion microreactor called “The Orbitron”, which is small enough to sit on your desk. The unique physics of the Orbitron allows for its compact size which is a key enabler for rapid development, scaling, and a wide variety of applications.

Ultra Small and Lightweight.
The Orbitron design is small enough to sit on a desk making it a game changer for a wide variety of applications, from lunar surface power to transportation and micro-grids.
Rapid Development.
The Orbitron's small scale reduces hardware, labor, and lead time to build, test, learn and iterate. We can iterate on reactor components in days, allowing us to learn fast, at orders of magnitude cheaper than alternative fusion approaches.
Rapid Manufacturing.
Our small-scale Orbitron design lends itself to high-speed production line manufacturing techniques, dramatically lower the cost of fusion power with economies of scale.
The Orbitron can be packaged as a single cell from 5kW to 100s of kW capacity, grouped together however needed to get to megawatt-scale clean energy solutions.
No Giant Magnets or Lasers.
Our reactor design avoids the expense and complexity of high-powered magnets or lasers.
Our reactor design is capable of fusing fuels like proton-boron-11 which practically eliminates internal neutron radiation, resulting in longer life and lower shielding requirements for a lighter power pack

Explore the Different Methods of Fusion

Given the complexities of creating a reaction strong and long enough to produce energy, there are dozens of companies and institutions pursuing fusion energy in different ways.

Field Reversed Configuration
Inertial Confinement Fusion
Fusion Microreactor Space Application

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