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Fusion At Human Scale

Avalanche Fusion is reimagining fusion. Small fusion microreactors are developed faster, cost less, and will do more.

Immediate Power for Years.
Only minutes to power up then endless power delivered for up to three years.
Manufacture for the Masses.
Zero wait time to have your order built. Orbitrons will be readily available.
Delivery Anywhere.
Can be flown to the most remote corners of the world for endless, carbon neutral power.

Our Contrarian Truths

Our fusion device shares the same fundamental physics requirements as conventional fusion devices–high energy, density, confinement time. Our path to achieve it, though, is drastically different.

Fusion reactors do not have to be bigFusion physics works at any scale, fusion generators will be small, mobile, and modular.
Fusion reactors do not have to cost billionsFusion devices will be priced in the tens of thousands of dollars.
Fusion development does not have to be slowHigh-speed production line manufacturing techniques, dramatically lower the cost of fusion power with economies of scale.
Fusion reactors do not have to take civil engineering effortsEconomical fusion devices will roll off a manufacturing line.
Fusion energy does not have to be pure thermonuclear.Hot is one way to fuse. High-voltage is better.

The People Building The Future of Fusion

Fusion will be solved by a mix of physicists and rapid build-test-fix innovators, not just traditional academics.

Avalanche Team

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