Vladlen Podolsky

Plasma Physicist

"I love working on difficult, impactful projects,” said Vlad. “They require an R&D environment where tests are performed, results are analyzed, and designs are iterated on a daily cadence. The Avalanche crew not only buys into this, but actively facilities this type of workplace by encouraging innovation and learning from one-another."

Joining Avalanche after stints working with SpaceX, Blue Origin and Momentus, Vlad is no stranger to cutting-edge projects.

Vlad studied Aerospace Engineering and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Southern California, earning both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, before earning a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering from Purdue University. He has focused much of his academic and professional career on plasma systems and space propulsion.

As Plasma Engineer at Avalanche, he is responsible for designing and testing the next-gen ion gun, facilitating plasma diagnostics and conducting experiments.

When not working on plasma systems, Vlad is likely enjoying the outdoors or relaxing at home with his wife and dog. A lucky few have experienced his “Podolsky Sandwich,” a breakfast sandwich that may one day find its way onto a cafe menu belonging to a retired Vlad and his wife.

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