Robin Langtry

Co-Founder, CEO

TL;DR - Drinks too much coffee. Stays up late running fusion PIC codes. Invented this fusion thing at 2 am on a Saturday.

Robin’s journey into fusion began in 2016 when the Sci-Fi show “The Expanse” piqued his interest in the possibility of fusion powered space travel. He began researching fusion, plasma physics, and particle-in-cell (PIC) simulations of electrostatic and relativistic microwave devices.

After a number of years of extensive research and simulations, leveraging his experience with computational fluid dynamics, massively parallel cloud simulations, acoustics, and hydrodynamic stability, Robin developed the Orbitron electrostatic fusion reactor concept that became Avalanche Energy's foundational technology. Today, in addition to his role at Avalanche Fusion as CEO, he also leads the scientific team developing the science of Orbiton via theory, simulation, and experimental test programs.

Robin is considered a scientific expert in Turbulence/Transition Modeling (with over 6,000 citations to his name), and he has 15+ years of experience executing complex research and design projects at Boeing and Blue Origin. At Blue Origin, Robin led the development of the New Glenn orbital rocket, including the design of the fully reusable booster, and also held multiple roles in Advanced Concepts and System Architecture. Robin received a Bachelor of Engineering and Master of Science from Carleton University’s Aerospace Program in Ottawa, Canada. He completed his Ph.D. in 2006 with high distinction at the University of Stuttgart in Germany.

He draws much of his inspiration from science fiction and video games. The motto of Avalanche is “making science fiction real.”

When he isn’t thinking about fusion, Robin likes snowboarding, hiking, and exploring the Pacific Northwest with his family and two silver Labs “Storm” and “Thunder.”

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