Christine Reilly

Fusion Space Systems Engineer

"Having worked in aerospace for a number of years, Avalanche caught my attention because of the more immediate impact that its technology could have on the world, if successful,” said Christine. “The opportunity to apply aerospace expertise to address the growing energy crisis was one that I couldn’t pass up."

Christine is an aerospace engineer by trade with a bachelors and masters degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She has worked on various aerospace power and propulsion systems, including chemical and electrical thrusters. Prior to joining Avalanche, Christine worked for four years at Blue Origin where she led work on the hydrogen fuel cell power supply for the company’s lunar lander project.

Christine is a fusion space systems engineer at Avalanche. In this role, she works to design the thermal, structural, electrical and mechanical systems necessary to harness energy produced by fusion to power the overall system of an application-based vehicle. Her day-to-day work includes testing design points and running system simulations on potential missions/vehicles.

Christine is an avid plant-lover whose official role unofficially extends to caring for the many plants of the Avalanche facility.

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