Celena Michaud

Electrical Engineer

"There’s nothing more gratifying than being able to take foundational concepts that you learn about in school and apply them to complex projects. The fact that I get to combine my interests in data acquisition, instrumentation, and physics with my passion for creating a more sustainable future is fulfilling and exciting."

Celena joined Avalanche in 2023 as an Electrical Engineer focused on data acquisition and experiment planning and execution. Prior to joining the Avalanche team, Celena completed a Bachelors in Computer Systems Engineering at the University of Georgia and worked for Gulfstream Aerospace as part of a co-op program where she realized her interest for working on tangible projects with intricate systems like aircraft (and now fusion reactors).

Before joining Avalanche and moving to Seattle from the East Coast, Celena had never seen a snow-peaked mountain. Now, she gets a glimpse of Mt. Rainier while walking outside the office!

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