Kate Kelly

Chief of Staff

Tl;dr: Sips tea, dreams in vivid sci-fi technicolor. Engineer by day, costume wizard for tiny tornados by night. Sunshine with a dash of sass. Lego empire builder. No problem she can’t stitch or solve.

Despite being a (relatively) late addition to the Avalanche Fusion team in 2023, Kate has had a key role in the company’s evolution over the last year. As Chief of Staff, Kate enjoys organizing a building full of enthusiastic fusioneers (being a proud nerd herself, this is awesome!) to ensure that critical priorities are met.

Kate joined the Avalanche team after working as Director of Product Management at DreamBox Learning for three years. Kate spent eleven years at Microsoft in various Program Management and Chief of Staff roles. Before working in software, Kate worked in Nuclear consulting, after completing her Bachelor of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Waterloo. As a teenager, Kate wanted to work in Climate Tech, so working at Avalanche is a dream come true!

When Kate isn’t breaking “impossible” problems into practical plans, she enjoys sewing elaborate dinosaur costumes for her two kids (and herself), building LEGO, reading SciFi, supporting women in STEM, and scuba diving with her spouse.

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