Arseniy Beltyukov

Electrical Engineer

"The interpersonal and professional culture at Avalanche made me want to stay almost immediately after starting my internship. I felt like my opinion was heard, and I felt like I could come to work every day and do what I love in a way that didn’t make me feel boxed in or trapped. Not many new-grads can say the same about their first full time job."

Arseniy is a recent graduate of Oregon State University, with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Prior to Avalanche, he worked in testing and automation at a propulsion lab, managed maintenance and repair of solar panel cleaning robots and ran simulations on solar panel trackers.

Arseniy joined the Avalanche team full-time as an Electrical and Instrumentation engineer after completing an internship with the company. He designs electronics enclosures, custom circuit boards, and troubleshoots components of test cells.

In his free time, Arseniy enjoys video games and playing the electric guitar.

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